Hide My IP

Proxies Vs Software - Which One Is Better?

Hiding your IP address online is a necessity these days with numerous reports of account spying, surveillance, and hackers all of the world. You are not safe unless you are anonymous. No one is ever fully anonymous online. Someone, somewhere, know something about what you are doing or better yet, not doing. What you do is your business but protecting your identity on the Web is a smart thing to do.

Several options are available to mask your IP address from ISPs, Browsers, Computers, or Web servers that may be collecting information about you for various reasons. Most all of these cases are due to advertising and tracking your browsing habits to better target online ads or email marketing to your grab your wallet. Of the tools available, the two most popular options that cover 98% of what is available to you for hiding your IP address are Web Proxies and downloadable software that you install.

Both proxies and software to hide the IP address work in much the same way. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, and depending on what you want to do on your computer will depend on which one is better for hiding your IP address. By reading our descriptions below you can judge for yourself which type of IP hiding technique is best for you.

Web proxies, like the ones found in this proxy list here, are best used for web browsing. If you don't plan on any "heavy duty" web use and are only browsing websites to read the news, shop online, play games, or watch videos, then a online web proxy is sufficient enough.

If you plan to use more complicated tools that required Internet connectivity like sending and receiving email addresses, running Internet tools or scanners, and even downloading from locations long distances from you, then you will need a downloadable software product like this one that you can install. We recommend the software as the first option so that you can not only do what proxies can with web browsing, but also that you get full IP hiding coverage on your computer from anyone trying to snoop on you.