Hide My IP

Why You Should Hide Your IP

Hackers, corporate and government surveillance, viruses and spyware. All of these are only a few reasons on why you should hide your IP address when using your home computer. Threats to your online identity are everywhere, and much of which targets your IP address to gain control of your network or your location in the world.

Stop these threats before they start with Hide Your IP Address software that will quickly install on your Windows PC in only minutes and put your real IP address behind a virtual IP that you can choose from another fake location somewhere else around the world. Also known as Proxy software for Windows, Hide Your IP Address Software or HYIP for short takes your safety and security to a new level.

Your first step is to download Hide Your IP Address and install it on your Windows computer, either desktop or laptop. It will also work on any modern Windows OS version, from Windows XP through the new Windows 8. After the 3 days free trial you can register the full version of the product or you can discontinue use if the trial didn’t work well for your needs.

When you want to know why you should hide your IP with software, you need to first think about your own safety. It is a great place to start! It is one of the most proven ways to for hiding an IP address online using software on Windows. We urge you to take action now before the next price increase due to demand. Enjoy and get started right now by ordering the full version without delay.